Tuesday 6 May 2014

Dong-Shan's death....

Dong-Shan's death....

Realizing he was about to die, Dong-Shan bathed, shaved his head, put on his robe and began to die.

Immediately all the monks began to wail.

Dong-Shan opened his eyes and said:
"A mind unattached to things is the true practice!
People struggle in life and make much of death.
What's the use of lamenting?"

The monks continued to wail, so Dong-Shan decided they needed a 'delusion banquet'.

It went on for seven days.

Finally Dong-Shan sternly told his monks:
"You have made a great commotion over nothing. When you watch me die this time, don't make a noisy fuss."

When they were settled, he then left the room,
sat down, and died.
The monks didn't notice,
they were silent,
within their practice.

A Zen story

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