Sunday 15 March 2015

Thank you...

Thank you...

It's been a joyous fifteen years
working with Master Jodi at her Feng Shui shop at the Queen Victoria Market.
After much deliberation, Master Jodi has finally sold the shop, to a most capable and talented couple, Katina and Allan Hamilton.

I thank all the wonderful friends and customers that I have been blessed to meet through the shop, and feel graced by your presence.

From the 'bag lady' who visits twice a week to remind me that 'they' are watching.
To the lady who asked 'how much are the $5 Buddhas?'
To the man who just stands and stares at the ceiling for a full three minutes and then leaves.
To the miscreants and addicts,
I love you all.

My friends new and old;
A huge thank you for keeping me young and entertained.

To Master Jodi for allowing me to help in the shop 'Without Pay'

I thank the Market for all its heritage, tradition and a seemingly total lack of management, albeit they have been most kind to us.

Finally to the amazing young Chinese helpers, who without your help and guidance I would not have had the cultural knowledge.

We are blessed to live in a society that encompasses most beliefs and religions.
It is in this world that we have stood out as a beacon for Feng Shui and Chinese culture.

To the wonderful folk who have taken over our work, Katina and Allan, may you be guarded and guided.

May you all be as blessed,
as we have, with the joy and happiness, working in this great environment.

Thank you, and please keep in touch through email or Facebook.
With Metta

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With love

Thursday 12 March 2015



We are going through massive changes right now.
Jodi's business has been sold and the last day is this Sunday.
Our home of fourteen years has also been sold and we leave on Monday for overseas.

The cleaning out in our life, of what's unnecessary, has been most rewarding. The feeling of letting go of attachments has given us great relief.

Of course our friends and family are now offering advice of what we should do next.

One friend advised that we should cleanse our minds of panic of not having a base to call home.
This they determined would be achieved by prayer.
Another said we should try meditation.
This clears the path, they said.
So in answer to all those caring sharing folk, I offer the following;

The purpose of prayer, meditation, or going to a Temple of any faith, is to free ourselves from our agitated uncontrolled state of mind.
We only free ourselves when we stop attaching ourselves to things that happen.
When we release the delusions, the fears, the past or the future, then peace prevails.
We believe we receive peace and harmony in the presence of The Divine or some other entity other than ourselves.

So, there was a wealthy man who had three sons and he loved them dearly.
He didn't know who to entrust his business to when he leaves his present life.
He was wealthy for a reason,
he was clever.
He gathered his sons together and told them;
"Here is a room, empty, absolutely empty.
Please fill it, to represent how you will run my business.
The one who does it to my satisfaction, will take over when I am gone."

The first son, the eldest, filled the room with earth.
He told his father that this represented his earthiness.

The second, middle son, filled the room with paper.
He told his father that this represented the money he would make.

The father said to the first son "thank you, your earth represents objects of clutter, earthiness, but it is messy.
Clutter leaves a home empty and it loses it's attractiveness with time."

To the second son, he said
"thank you, your paper represents stocks, bonds, shares, but has no real relationship to family.
On paper, you are a millionaire, in real terms, you have no friends, no true joy,
a lonely life.

The youngest son had not filled the room with anything but a candle.
When the father saw this,
he was most pleased.
He said, "thank you my true wise son.
You know how to fill a vacuum.
All emptiness needs light,
a candle of light,
a candle of joy.
The candle of inner peace,
to fill our homes and lives with light and joy and love."

The lesson we learn from this Dharma is not to fill our lives with attachment to anything,
other than light, joy and love.


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