Tuesday 16 February 2016

Perfect Person....

This time last year, here on this mountain, He shared the following...

Please enjoy....

The Perfect Person.... 

Gatekeeper Yin

and the Silent One....

Yin Xi, nicknamed Guan Yinzi, was also called Guan Yin or "The keeper of the pass."

The Annals of History, tells of his receiving scripture from Laozi, and refers to Yin Xi as 

"Prefect of the Pass Yin."

About 70km west of Xi'an, at Louguan Tai, there is a temple by a mountain range that claims to be the place where Yin Xi was the Gatekeeper. 

When Laozi arrived at Louguan Tai on his path out of the world, Yin Xi persuaded him to write a book, the result being the 

'Dao De Jing.'

After writing the book,

Laozi disappeared westward, riding on an ox.


Guan Yinzi, once said; 

"As for people who are good at playing the 'Qin,'

if they are sad, then the sound is filled with pathos;

if they are thoughtful,

then the sound is hesitant;

if they are resentful,

then the sound is irresolute;

if they are yearning,

then the sound is elegantly grand."

"This sadness, thoughtfulness, resentment and yearning does not come from hands, from bamboo, from silk, or from wood: 

it comes from having the heart matched with the hand and the hand matched with the object."

"People who have Dao,

are always centered 

in the Dao."


One last time....

All of a sudden, 

he appeared.

He was dressed differently, his robes pulled around him like a shroud, his head covered in a cowl of faded yellow robe.

He acknowledged me with a slight movement of his head, almost a nod.

I thought I heard him say;

"we meet for the last time seeker, you must listen well."

The Silent One then told me the following;

....Master Lieh Tzu asked Gatekeeper Yin;

'Only the perfect man can walk under water and not drown, can walk on fire and not burn and can pass over a multitude of lives without fear,

how is this possible?'

Gatekeeper Yin replied,

'It is because he preserves his original breath and this has nothing to do with his knowledge, his work, his persistence, or his bravery.'

'Everything has a face, form, sound and colour, but these are just appearances."

"So, now I ask you, Gatekeeper, how is it possible that this thing, or that thing, 

are separated from each other?'

'Indeed why should each thing be viewed as the first of all beings?"

Gatekeeper Yin continued;

"They are just forms and colours and nothing more."

"However, everything arises from what is formless and descends into that which is changeless."

"If we grasp and follow this, using it to its fullest extent, nothing can stand in our way!"

"It means being able to reside within limits, 

which have no limit, 

be secluded within boundaries, which have no beginning, go to where both the beginning and the end of all life is; 

We then must combine essential nature, nourish our original breath, 

and harmonize virtue."

"By following this path, 

we can commune with the origins of all life."

"We will then guard our unity with the Universe , and our spirit will be without fault."

"Nothing can get inside and attack us."

"We must retreat to the serenity of the Universe,

and as a result, 

nothing can cause us harm."

"We must recognize that everything in this Universe is united."

"It is possible to be rid of punishment and execution, of chaos, violence and war, 

this is the Dao."

"However, we must not cast aside the Universe, 

and ignore the human aspect;

Only then will we draw closer to the realization of Truth."


"This is a Dharma I share with you, seeker.

It is from the writing of Chung Tzu who lived over two thousand three hundred years ago.

I thought it appropriate to the situation all face right now."

The Silent One then said, "Understand what I have just said and you too will become the perfect man."

With that, 

he disappeared.


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Tuesday 2 February 2016


Taking about what Japan means to me, 

and my heroes.....

One of my heroes once said;

" An individual that knows Dharma can be compared to a lamp that lights up the darkness. 

One who is close will see clearly, while those further away will see less clearly. 

After a period of time the lamp's light may go out or be extinguished, but then, from time to time, the lamp will be relit, again providing illumination."

Why do we allow the light to grow dim or even to extinguish?

Why do we seek a path other than one within ourselves?

Maybe we hang on to old programs, hang on to what we believe is our birthright. 

Hang on to our teaching from past experience.

Stale lessons that are no longer relevant. 

The secret is to let go.

Don't recall;     

Let go of 

what has passed

Don't imagine;       

Let go of

what may come

Don't think;  

Let go of what is happening  now

Don't examine;       

Don't try to

figure anything out

Don't control;      

Don't try to make

anything happen



right now, 

this second....

Japan, for me, 

is a great teacher.

A great reminder.

A great undoer......


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