Sunday 19 January 2014

My New Year Advice,

My New Year Advice,

With help from the Buddha and Osho;

A man went to the Dharma Master to ask advise.

"My life is miserable I have a very small house , one room and it's too crowded.
There's my wife ,
our eight children,
her old parents ,
my sick dad,
our deaf uncle
and our much loved crippled sister.
I cannot pay for a bigger house, what shall I do?"

The Master asked ,
Do you have any animals?

"Yes we have five goats , three cows , ten chickens, two cats, one horse and a dog."

The Master said,
"let them all into the house for two days."

The man was puzzled but he respected the Master, and did what he said.

Life became a nightmare, he had to sleep standing up and the room stank.

He ran to the Master after two days nearly crazy.

The Master was pleased with the mans progress and said,
"now go home and take the animals out, you will be suprised how much space there is now."

Deep inside every situation and every person, there is an empty space and that emptiness is divine.
That emptiness is reality.

The Buddha called it "Shunyata."

Sooner or later, we have to come to terms with our inner emptiness and reality.

The idea of emptiness,
as a lack, has little to do with what the Buddha said about emptiness.
His teachings on emptiness dealt directly with actions and their results, with issues of pleasure and pain and suffering.
To understand and experience emptiness in line with these teachings does not require philosophical sophistication,
but a personal willingness to admit the motivation behind our actions and the benefits and harm they cause.

So, once we find our emptiness, we become aware of all our actions that cause ourselves and others to suffer.

This year, let's make a resolution, to sit, at least once a week, and silently find our emptiness.

The place where the Divine lives.

With Metta

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