Monday 30 December 2013

The blessing

The blessing

Another year is upon us and a truly blessed event is about to take place.
We are blessed that we are alive and can change what ever we didn't like about last years blessings.

Maybe the choices we made were not so good.
We might have thought we were out of balance with the universe.
We felt let down.
Everyone against us.

Well all that is about to change.
The blessed event is here.
New year. New choices.
A new perspective on life and a clear method of how to enact this life saving change.

To change, we need to;
"let go of the old to make room for the new"
So easy, a new thinking.
Nothing changes,
but everything changes.

The new "us" is determined by our thoughts about ourselves.
Not our surrounds, money job, family, only our thinking.

Friends and family will say
"What has changed, you look different."
We know nothing has changed externally, but everything has changed on the inside.
A blessing.

Look forward to this event and plan for an exciting 2014.
It's tomorrow that we can make the plan that will guarantee a wonderful year filled with love and joy.
The very next day is the first day of a new year.

Let's make 2014 the best ever. Let's make it a blessed one.

With Metta

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Tuesday 3 December 2013

Talking about miracles:

Talking about miracles:

"A mother takes her daughter to the doctor and explains that she suffers cravings and is gaining weight and is sick in the morning."
After a quick examination the doctor tells her that her daughter is about four months pregnant.

"Not possible,
my daughter has never been with a man."
"Isn't that right Debbie?"
"Yes mum, I am a virgin."

The doctor goes over to the window and stares out.
Minutes go by and the woman asks the doctor if he is alright.
"Yes,"he said
"The last time this happened a star appeared and three wise
men came over the hill and I don't want to miss it."

Miracles do happen, but are we ready to allow a miracle to happen to us.

The problem as I see it is that we get involved in everything to stop good stuff happening.

"Why do we have to involve ourselves in everything around us.
Every argument, every decision, every deed and comment that we believe is our business, but actually is not."

We get that small voice that we hear from deep inside us.
"Don't go there, leave it alone, don't make waves."
Do we listen to the voice?
Not really, and if we do listen, that's all we do.
We just listen and rarely take an action that will keep us out of the karma that is caused by our actions.

Ajahn Chah said;

"Do not waste time on other people's issues, being preoccupied with this and that, the whole day, until we end up exhausted and depressed."

What a genius, in one sentence he captured the essence of our suffering.

Ven.Ajahn had an ability to advise us how to lead a life in a most pleasant manner, devoid of life's silliness, that most of us are involved in.

Do we want to create miracles in our life, or do we want to suffer?
Both are easy.
All we have to do is listen to the small voice inside us, or not.
Most times, fear stops us from taking an action, that will bring about a miracle.
Maybe we don't listen and miss out on that opportunity, or miracle.

Let's not fool ourselves into the false belief, that our suffering is caused by everything else, but our own doing.

Our future is determined by our actions today,
so let's start to create miracles in our lives.
Let's start now, to listen to the voice that knows all.
That miracle inside us.
The voice within.


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