Sunday 11 May 2014

Perfect archery..,

It is more than twelve months since I wrote this story and I think it's worth repeating....

I love Osho, and my friend John sent me a wonderful
set of quotes and photos of this great man.

Thanks John

Osho is one of my heroes.

He is so out spoken about everything, love, laughter and all the things a spiritual person wants to hear.

All the things that we think are missing from our lives, Osho reminds us how to cure our ills,
by letting go with laughter and love.

In a book about Zen,
Osho talks about how archery and swordplay can be as meditative as sitting.

A great king became a master archer.
He searched his kingdom for a better archery teacher as even though he was good, sometimes he missed the target.

After a long search he entered a village and saw many trees with circles drawn on them.

There were arrows in the exact middle of the circles.

He thought that only the best archer can be this accurate, so perfect,
I must meet this man.

He called the people of the village and asked them where is this great archer.

They all laughed.

The villagers told the king to forget this man,
he is the village idiot.

The king told them that his archery was perfect and that he must see him.

The villages told the king that he didn't understand the fools archery.

First he shoots the arrow and then he draws a circle around it.

Of course it is perfect.
Always perfect.

We told him this is not right, but he said his way is simple, you never miss.

There are many ways to be accurate. Some clever,
some smart, and some just dumb luck.

It's all in the perception.
The most important thing is to be a person of excellence,
an accurate person.

Thank you John
Thank you Osho


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