Saturday 17 May 2014

A special day.....,

Today is special to me.

My father passed away forty years ago on this day.

My mother was born on this day in 1913.

My love and respect for both has not diminished with time.

I remember their faces and voices as though it was yesterday.

My thoughts and prayers are with you whose parents are living.

There is time left to show them love and respect before it's too late.

For those who are estranged from loved ones, find love in your heart, find time for a call.

The benefits are too many to list here, but the feeling of letting go old animosity is overwhelming.

Please make this day special with a thought for lost love ones.

A special day, to be able to call, to share love with those who are with us.

May you all be guarded and guided, on this,
my most special day.

With Metta

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With love