Wednesday 21 May 2014

I am inspired by many people.

I am inspired by many people.

Recently I was immersed in a mindful hand movement meditation that was shown to me by my friend Phra Fred.

As I was in my practice,
a thought came to search for the compassionate thoughtful monk who passed on the practice.

There is a biography of the monk written by the doctor who was not only his student but also who looked after him till his death.

Dr Vatana Supromajakr faithfully wrote down thoughts from this great monk over many years of their friendship.
Here are a few that came to me as I meditated.

Deceived By Thought

Venerable Luangpor Teean said that we human beings are always thinking, just like the ever-flowing current of a river.
Being lost in and deceived by thought,
he said, is like continually scooping out water and storing it up for no good use.
But if we have sati, (awareness) seeing thought immediately,
as it really is, it is like the water flows freely and passes on by.
Being lost in and deceived by thought gives rise to suffering.


In discussing Samudaya, (the second Noble Truth, the cause of suffering) Luangpor placed an object in his hand and then clenched his hand tightly around it,
making a fist.
He then turned the fist over and opened his hand and showed the thing dropping to the ground, he pointed out,
"This is suffering."

We understand immediately that suffering is a thing that we conceive, and assume, and seize firmly, and then we realize that it can be released and gotten rid of.
Luangpor said that someone who can understand this quickly is one with wisdom.

Working With Awareness

Luangpor declared,
"All of us have duties and responsibilities that the society we live in requires us to fulfil, and this is normal.
Performing our duties with sati, will produce results that are completely satisfactory, the best possible results."

Luangpor was a great and most unusual man from whom I have learnt a great deal.
My thanks to the doctor and Fred.

With Metta

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