Saturday 26 January 2019



"Since everything is reality,
there is nothing at all to promote
and there is not the slightest thing to retain,
reality is total absence."

Long Chen Pa

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New Year thoughts...

New Year thoughts...

"One must be able to let things happen."
Carl Gustav Jung

Thank you Carl...
Well, we have done it...we have let the last seventy six years pass and ...,
finally reached this milestone and feel great.
It's been a most difficult year that has ended well.
This year we definitely learnt to let things happen and then let them go.
Our thanks go to all who helped with our health this past year. The nurses doctors and specialists who guided, scolded, pushed and prodded us to health. The health system in this wonderful country has to be the best....we have been treated with respect and care far beyond our expectations.
Our oncologist advised, just like Carl, to let things happen, and they did, exactly as he said.
Thank you all so much...
Our thanks also go to the wonderful people who graced our home with their warmth, joy, and love. It was a pleasure cooking for you all.
Finally to my partner and soul mate Jodi.... and all...
may this new year grant wishes unconditionally....

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Saturday 30 December 2017

Tomorrow is the last day of the year and then we start a New Year…

Tomorrow is the last day of the year and then we start a New Year....
What promise will we make that will be broken...
Same as last year?
We enter each year with a promise to be a better person..
Eat less, make more money,
be nicer...
All to be broken and forgotten within a week of thge New Year,,,
The easy solution is to realise that each day we have, is a good day.

Today is a good day....

'Zen Mondo'...

A monk asked
"Should one leave home
without a parents consent?"
The master said:
"I do not understand,"
"Deep!" said Yun-men.

Zen Master

Yun-men addressed the assembly and said:
"I am not asking you about the days before the fifteenth of the month.
But what about after the fifteenth?
Come and give me a word about those days."
He then gave the answer for them:
"Every day is a good day."

In 949AD he gave his final talk to his monks and said:
"Coming and going are continuous,
I must be on my way."
He then sat in the lotus position and died.

Yen-men gave one word answers to most questions.
Always sharp, to the point,
most did not understand.
To the few who did spend some time in contemplation of his words, came clarity and awareness.
His belief that we think too much was a revelation in his time. Maybe, today we need to adopt some of his thinking.

"The less we think,
the more we see."

What a great way
to start the year.


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Sunday 15 October 2017

Nine Dragons

It was amazing, when we burnt incense at the temple where the nine dragons converge, this dragon appeared, descending down into the smoke.

Thursday 4 May 2017

Waste of time....

"When you walk the Way, 

it is not near, it is not far. 

If you are deluded, you are mountains and rivers away from it.

I respectfully say to those who seek enlightenment: 

do not waste your time."

Shih-T'ou (700-790)

Also known as 

Sekito Kisen, (Japanese)

Student of Hui-Neng 6th Patriach

Ts'ao-Hsi Mountain Temple in China.

Shih-T'ou's body was mummified in black lacquer and due to a fire during the Chinese revolution in 1911, was brought to Japan.

It can be viewed today at the Soto Zen Temple in Yokohama....



 A potential student went to see a Master and asked;

"If I work really hard, how long will it take me to become enlightened?"

"Ten years" the Master replied.

"No, I mean really work at it."

the student said.

The Master replied,

" I am sorry I misunderstood you, it will take you twenty years."

The student then said,

" I am serious, I am willing to do anything to gain enlightenment."

"Oh that's different,"

said the Master,

"it will take you thirty years."



What say you?

Do we seek, or not, is it a total waste of time, sitting, trying so hard to find something we already possess?

Why not take Shih-T'ou's advise;

Be simple,

walk the Way....


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Friday 20 January 2017


The infinity of things....

"There will always be an infinity of things to do. We can never get our life or business or our kitchen running exactly the way we want it to run. No matter how we envision it, it can't be that way.

Life is not predetermined to the point that we can get to some stage and then see how it all works. What happens is that we have a better and better understanding of things, we have more and more clarity and ability to deal with things as they arise. But they keep arising, endlessly.

The empty sky is always creating new clouds.

The pot is always boiling..."

Kosho Uchiyama Roshi. (1911-1998)

Soto Priest, Zen Master, 

Teacher and Author.

Sadly missed......

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Saturday 31 December 2016

Our wish for you

Dear Friends 

We wish you all a most wonderful wish fulfilled New Year...

" A new day is here.

Yesterday is a memory.

Tomorrow is unknown.

Now is the knowing."

Ajahn Sumedro

Without passion, 

without dedication, 

without striving for a result...

Just Sit.....





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