Sunday 3 June 2012


The photo looks out the corner suite of Rydges hotel overlooking the Adelaide cemetery.
I was editing a dharma yesterday that I wrote a year ago about death.
It was 6.30am and quite dark and as I wrote what "death" said to the king, the entire wall of curtains, including the rod, came crashing down.
I am not superstitious,
Here is the dharma....

   Kings Dream--
One night, in a dream,
 the king saw death.
He was so afraid, he asked death
 "Why are you in my dream,
 why are you frightening me?"
Death said" I have come to tell you that tomorrow at sunset I will come to get you, so get ready.
 It's out of compassion I tell you,
so you can have time to prepare."
The king was so shocked 
that in the middle of the night ,
he called his ministers and asked them to find people who could interpret the dream .
 The king asked them what could be done as time is short and maybe the dream is true.
So the dream interpreters and scholars came with big books,and started to discuss, dispute and argue.
 The sun was already up and the king was getting more worried by the minute.
An old  trusted servant came to the king and whispered 
"don't be foolish your majesty,
these scolars will never find the answer, they will argue for ever.
I suggest you leave the palace since death visited you here,
if you are not here, then death may not find you.
By sunset you can be far away.
The logic seemed right.
So he left the palace.
The king had a fast horse and he travelled  far, and by sunset he had reached a beautiful tree.
He patted the horse and said
 'you did well and we have come so far, death will never find us here.
As he was patting his horse, the king felt somebody standing behind him .
He turned and there was the death laughing 
"Why are you laughing,"asked the king?
Death said "I was worried because you were destined to die under this tree and I wondered how you would get here in time.
Your horse did well 
I came to you in your dream as  I wanted you to escape from the palace.
You have come so far and only one day left, your horse did well."

Wherever we go death is waiting for us, in all directions, in all places.
We know this is unavoidable, but the mind starts to spin some stupid ways to avoid death.
We want our lives to last forever,
in perfect health, with lots of money.

 Our prayers go out to all misguided souls who do not follow the way of natural occurrence.
We must realise we are guarded and guided.
The more we practice and cultivate, the happier and more successful our lives become and death does not enter our thoughts.

Thanks to our practice all is well    


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