Tuesday 22 May 2012


I was asked,
my attitude towards death.
Laughter, towards life and death?
Sadness, fear, apprehension?
Whatever our attitude towards life will be our attitude about death.
Death comes as the ultimate flowering of life.
Life exists for death.
Life exists through death and without death there can be no life. Death is not the end,
but a culmination,
a crescendo.
Death is not the enemy,
it is a friend.
It makes life possible.
So with death, as is life.

Whatever we choose in this life,
we must express truth.
Eating, sleeping, singing, talking, all must be an expression of truth.
When the Zen Master hits his student he is expressing his truth.
It is only when we start to think about the situation,
then it becomes a lie.
Because we add our bits.
Why did he hit me?
And then the mind starts.

The Zen Master Roshi Taj was approaching death and his senior disciples assembled at his bedside.
One of them remembered the Roshi loved cake.
He rushed off to buy his favourite.
With a small smile the Roshi took a small bite and began to eat.
He grew weaker and the disciples leant forward to hear his final words.
"Yes" the great man said,
"This cake is delicious ."
and he died.
What a man.
A Buddha.
Each word, each act, only the truth.
The only moment that was true was the cake .
Anything else would have been false.
If he had talked of The Divine, Nirvana, some profound saying,
all untrue.
At that time , only the cake.
Unconditional .
The taste of the cake.
What a death.

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