Friday 19 September 2014

Taking Precepts?

Dr pannaji told me I was experimenting with my Buddhism
with my wishes to take precepts and to wear robes for the time I am here in MahaVihara.
I told him I was experiencing what the Buddha offered freely, and what I have been following for many years and that I had already worn robes.
This Doctor has a novice program and one would think this supposed great thinker translator and teacher could be maybe a little more empathetic towards a fellow asking for his guidance.
But no he blithely  without any consideration or deliberation dashed any aspirations on the spot by not allowing a fellow Buddhist the joy of taking vows that the Buddha himself gave freely to all who asked.
I understand he is old and one should respect ones elders but there is only a twelve years in our age difference and I feel that when I get to his age in twelve years time I will be a little more understanding.
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