Wednesday 26 June 2013

Week three: Home and family.....

Week three: Home and family.....

Here's the thing,
do we act differently at home, than at work,
or with our friends?
Are we all smiles and a show of happiness outside the home and once at the front door,
our demeanor changes.
Its an effort to be nice for one reason or another.
The excuses don't really matter, its all in our heads and totally within our control.

Does our family have expectations about us that we are not fulfilling?

What is it about our home life that we feel we lack?
Do we lack love, respect,
admiration, or is it just boredom and a feeling of being locked in that stops us from performing as a role model should.

All the above and more are only in our head.
These feelings of loss will only go away when we decide to let go of them.

how to let go is simple.
When we recognize and understand our behavior,
realize the consequences of our behavior,
we can then embrace the behavior,
forgive ourselves,
and let go.

This process does not take two to be involved,
it takes one and one only.
The most important person in our life.


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