Monday 3 June 2013

My thanks to Jonathan

My thanks go to the astrologer Jonathan Cainer for his insight this morning
Jonathan informs that philosophers in the mind body and spirit movement tell us that
"We all create our own reality"
Is this true?

Jonathan says that the truth is that most of us create our own unreality.

I think this is correct.

There are close to seven billions on this Earth and so there could be close to seven billion fantasies being lived out right now.

So which one are we living?

Jonathan asks
"Is it one that has the potential to bring joy, 
or a lot of unnecessary anxiety."

He says to make our dreams worthy of this opportunity we call 
"a life"
He says
 "dream up something good."

Thanks Jonathan.

On a personal note 
I believe what the Buddha taught about suffering.
The more unrealistic dreams and fantasies we create and desire, 
the more we suffer.
We must start to recognize that all of our suffering is caused by our own desire.
All else is an excuse.
All else is a lie.

Why create something that causes pain, 
we are a thought away from love and joy.

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