Tuesday 17 April 2012

Travels Thailand

On to Thailand,some sixty million buddhists.
Nearly all of whom are waiting for their next  life for some form of enlightenment.
These beautifull,smiley,helpfull,full of life,love,and prayer and food. Always the food.
 Best food anywhere.
Most Thais are not the slightest bit interested in outcome. 
Kharma is not a consideration even though it is the backbone of the way.
"In my next life" is the mantra.
The wonderful thing is, there doesn't seem to be a concern for past ,only the ancestors.
 What happens now,happens for a reason,destiny,fate,luck.
To a Thai,there are two things in life,things that happen and things that matter.
 Family,business and Buddha and King.
These things matter,all else happens.
So is there a priority?
For a short time in all Thai's lives they are deeply spiritual. Yes,Buddhism is important.
 The Royal family is important. 
To a Thai the family and business is the priority and most do these well. 
I love Thailand,I have learnt a lot,particularly patience.  
As far as learning more about matters spiritual,just look at a Thai,and in return comes a smile.
 A look of love
that comes from the heart.
The heart that is Thailand.

With love