Saturday 14 April 2012

My travels

My Travels. --
I have visited two of the most spiritual countries anywhere. 
In India,i am told,there are thousands of Divine Beings,
I shall be over one hundred and sixty years old,should I  visit one a day for the rest of my life.
Not much else to do.
I saw men and women who spend their entire lives in service to just one Divine Being.
Total devotion,nothing else.
Some don't wear clothes,don't cut hair,
put ash on face and body,to show  they are dead.
They rely on others to supply food,their shelter is nature.
I don't know,where is the compassion?
I saw compassion,the Krishna serve the poor,there are many poor,very sad.
The question;
Is The Divine responsible?
Is it karma?
So many questions,and the cycle continues for generations,rich,poor,how to break free.
The answer, is of course,religion.
The promise,eternal something . The Divines  grace,everything by the grace of The Divine.
In India the system keeps everyone in place. 
To belong to a poor caste is to be doomed forever.
The Divines grace.
I met members of a food cooking caste,holy,devoted people,who's purpose in life is to cook. 
They are magnificent .
Once again,The Divines grace.
What happens, in a deeply religious country,run by The Divine,if you are not religious? Maybe you become a taxi driver,or member of parliament.
India,I love you and your people,my dear friends,your crazy religions,holy cows,Linga worshipping ,dervish swirling,cymble clanging,drum beating strange smelly dirty wondrous India.

My next stop is Thailand
Next week
With Metta

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