Saturday 1 November 2014



I have heard about a young man whose father was a great teacher.
All his young life he had heard his fathers wisdom.
He felt he knew all there was to know just by listening to his father's words.

His father said,
"I want you to learn from a farmer, an illiterate peasant teacher."

The son travelled for many days and finally reached the farmers village.

The farmer was on horseback returning from a trip.

He watched as the young man approached and bowed before him.

"Not enough." said the peasant.
The young man bowed again, bending his knees.

"Not enough." said the peasant.
So the young man bowed so low his knees touched the ground.

Once again he was told "not enough."

He then prostrated himself flat on the ground with his fingers touching the horses hooves.

"That's it"
 said the peasant teacher,
"you have learnt everything I can teach,
you go home now."


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