Sunday 10 August 2014

A dedication

A dedication to dedication

I have a friend
Richard P Wisnesky
who gave me a book.
Well, not really a book,
but a diary of his daily thoughts for 2013.
That's a thought a day,
for everyday,
for the whole year.
He didn't take any days off, not even public holidays.
In the forward of his book,
Richard tells of re-reading "Haiku Year" where three friends challenge each other to write a three line poem each day for a year. So Richard decided to do the same.
To give you an idea of what he did each day...

He went for a run
To clear the head
Plugging in his earphones

The Press Death notices
My name wasn't there

My thinking these days
Has been reduced to three lines-
So I'll be brief....

French woman at the gym
Votre derrière est magnifique-
I think!

Random acts of kindness
Take mail from pigeons holes and
Give to those without


My days will cease to be
Governed by succinct observations.
I asked Richard
would you do it again?
He answered.....

From the Elizabeth street tram this morning
Saw a man with a dog
The dog deserved better.

Thank you Richard

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With love