Monday 24 March 2014

Hide and seek;

Hide and seek;

Every now and again there is no message
no inspiration
no dharma !
It doesn't happen often, but it does happen.

The Buddha does not give us inspiration.
It is some sort of game I believe our Buddha nature plays with us and unfortunately we have forgotten how to play the game.

Because we don't listen to Buddha Dharma we don't even know there is a game being played.

A Monk was walking down the street behind his Wat when he saw a little boy, head in hands, crying.
"Why are you crying,"
he asked and the boy replied that he and a friend had been playing 'hide and seek', when the friend suddenly went home, leaving him alone, waiting to be found.

The Monk cried out
"You too have hidden your face from us,
only because you want us to seek you."
"your children have tired of the game and have run off."

The Monk now realized that the Buddha had sent him a clear message for his Dharma and that he had not been forgotten.

He told the Sangha that night;

"How can we expect the Buddha to answer our prayers when we don't even seek Him in the right place and in the right way.

We expect the Buddha to be here in the Wat waiting for us every week,
when and if we come.

We expect the Buddha to be in our homes and at work.

The Buddha was clever and that's why He is Buddha and we are not.

Until we look in the right place we won't find our Buddha nature and we will be like the little boy holding our head in our hands crying;
"Why have you forgotten me ?
Why can't I find you?
Why Lord Buddha don't you help me?"
The answer is simple;

When we learn to still our mind and stop the constant chatter, then we can invite the Buddha into our lives.

Not only will Buddha talk to us through the Dharma,
but we will find love, joy, and peace.


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