Monday 24 March 2014

Buddha Nature

Buddha Nature

When we have realised the truth, we become the happiest beings in the world.

We are free from all complexes,
free from all obsessions, the worries and troubles that torment others.

Our mental health is perfect.
We do not repent the past,
nor do we brood over the future.

We live fully in this present moment.

We appreciate and enjoy all things in the purest sense,
without self projection.

We are joyful, exultant, enjoying a pure life,
our faculties pleased,
free from anxiety,
serene and peaceful.

We are free from selfish desire, hatred, ignorance, conceit, pride and all such defilements.

We are pure and gentle,
full of unconditional love,
compassion and kindness.

We are understanding and tolerant.

Our service to others is the purest, for we have no thought of self.

We gain nothing, accumulate nothing,
not even spiritually.

We are free from the illusion of self,
and the thirst for becoming.

This is our
Buddha Nature.


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