Thursday 25 October 2012

We become what we think

The Buddha said;
"The mind is everything,
what you think,
you become."

Let me tell you a story about what we can become......

The wife---
So, he was about to putt on the last hole on the golf course,
when a funeral procession went by.
He stopped mid stroke and stood to attention with head bowed.
His friend said ,
"you are such a gentleman,"
 "not really," he replied,
"just saying goodby to the wife."

Is that what love is all about?
Do we spend one third,  or in most cases, half of our life span, with one woman, to play golf during her funeral?
We may as well play golf, as most of us don't know how lucky we are.
We should erect a statue to her, put fresh flowers and burn incense every day. 
We should say a prayer.
"Thank you for your sacrifice, putting up with my bad moods, my dirty washing, my noises, particularly while asleep."
"Thank you for cleaning the house, your dedication to my illness, my back rubs, my complaints, more noises."
"Thank you for accepting my strange family,
I accepted yours, even your mum.
What about the children?
You raised them almost single handed."
"How they dressed, got clean, fed, all a mystery to me.
They went to school, played sport, all a mystery to me.
The foods on the table, how it got there a mystery. 
I did the dishes, sometimes.
 When you come back,
in your next incarnation,
I shall marry you again.
 Next time, it will be different.
You gave me love, 
I gave you pain.
You gave me your all,
I held back.
You looked after our home,
I played golf.
Next time, it will be better.
Next time, please be my caddie."

We can laugh, or we can cry at this story. If the cap fits we must wear it and be responsible.
Of course should we wish to change, then change has already started to take place.
Our mind is the control.
We either live in the prison of our thoughts or free ourselves by not believing in our own rubbish.

The Buddha was right...
"We become what we think"


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