Friday 19 October 2012


A monk asked the Holy Master
"Why are you so happy,
so peaceful ?"
"I have accepted myself",
explained the Holy Master.
"Look out the window, do you see that bush with the beautiful red flowers, the large tree behind it?"
" I have been watching them each day for the 23 years I have been in this Temple and at no time, over the years, have I heard one compare itself to the other."
"The tree is, the bush is,
no comparison, you are taller than me, you have more flowers, you need less water."
"The difference between most people and what we see here is comparison."
"You, my dear monk, are always comparing.
More hair, better body, more money, larger car, house, better food,cooler, warmer,
the list is endless."
"We are told to become more like Jesus, Krishna, Buddha,
"Drop all of this, all the ideals of being not what we are."

"If you must compare, then;
"We are the snowflake that falls from the sky.
Each flake is perfection.
It is then gathered and made into snowmen by external forces, each snowman is different, but the underlying is perfection."
"As the snowman melts and turns to water, the water evaporates, returns to the sky and once again becomes a cloud and can return as a snowflake."
"Again there is no comparison, the cycle of birth, life, death and re- birth happen automatically."
"My dear monk, your original face was perfection."
"I see perfection now before me."
"It is only your thoughts that make the difference,
it is comparison that makes the difference."

"To me you are perfection."


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