Sunday 3 July 2016

Today's wisdom...

From Osho 1988...

"From where have you come?"

asked Matzu,

"From the Great Cloud Monastery at Yuehchou," answered Hyakujo.

"What do you hope to gain by coming here?" asked Matzu,

Hyakujo replied, 

"I have come seeking the BuddhaDharma."

Matzu then said,

"Instead of looking for the Treasure House, which is your very own, you have left your home and gone wandering so far, what for, I have nothing for you here."

Hyakujo then asked, 

"Please tell me what is the Treasure House of your very own?"

Matzu replied, 

"Your Treasure House contains absolutely everything you need and you lack nothing at all. 

It is there for you to use freely, 

so why this vain search for something outside yourself?"


Once we realise all we need is within ourselves, then we have the necessary equipment to let go of anger, remorse, judgement, in fact all forms of suffering.

The desire to search, is in itself,

 a form of suffering.

To be at peace, in the skin we are in, is mastery of the self, and true enlightenment.


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