Tuesday 2 February 2016


Taking about what Japan means to me, 

and my heroes.....

One of my heroes once said;

" An individual that knows Dharma can be compared to a lamp that lights up the darkness. 

One who is close will see clearly, while those further away will see less clearly. 

After a period of time the lamp's light may go out or be extinguished, but then, from time to time, the lamp will be relit, again providing illumination."

Why do we allow the light to grow dim or even to extinguish?

Why do we seek a path other than one within ourselves?

Maybe we hang on to old programs, hang on to what we believe is our birthright. 

Hang on to our teaching from past experience.

Stale lessons that are no longer relevant. 

The secret is to let go.

Don't recall;     

Let go of 

what has passed

Don't imagine;       

Let go of

what may come

Don't think;  

Let go of what is happening  now

Don't examine;       

Don't try to

figure anything out

Don't control;      

Don't try to make

anything happen



right now, 

this second....

Japan, for me, 

is a great teacher.

A great reminder.

A great undoer......


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