Thursday 3 July 2014


Gift ---

The most wonderful thing we can do in our lives is to give.
A gift is the supreme cultivation.
It doesn't matter what it is and in what form the giving takes.
It may be just a smile,
the type of gift is not important.
It is the gift itself.
The ultimate gift is being able to take an illness and distress from another,
and send joy and love in return.
This week, for me,
has been has been a joy.
I have been visited by Ministers from three different religions.
The message was the same, the message of love for our fellow beings, who are not so fortunate at this moment.
The Ministers were from Burma, India and China.
Different religions from
different backgrounds,
each asking for blessings for those who have nothing.
Their prayers, for those unfortunate to be caught in the latest disasters, both natural and man made.
For me this was an occasion of joy and rejoicing, not one of sadness.
To be able to give is a joy.
I give thanks to The Divine for bringing together those whose prayers and gifts are helping.
It is so easy to criticize and condemn those in power for not doing enough, or seemingly not caring.
From disasters we must receive a clear message to let go of all regret and fear.
Regret for failures in the past, and fear for what the future may bring.
The most positive thing we can do at this moment is to give.
To give our blessings is enough.
Every thought is precious, every gift, a sign of our cultivation.
Everyone deserves the right to joy and love,
to be at peace with themselves and others.
The only way this will come about, is when,
we all realise that the gift of joy and love is our most precious possession.
Right now, when things seem to have no way out, the homeless and destitute need our gifts.
This is the time to be full of joy and love for all mankind.
The Universe will pick up the way we feel and out of the seeds of adversity will come hope.
This is our prayer.