Tuesday 18 February 2014

My trip;

My trip;

Don't we all love going on holiday? Do we need a reason to go?
I go for a number of reasons.
In fact I really don't need a reason, as I will go at the drop of a hat.

This trip I am going to
re-do my vows and put my monks robes back on.
That's a really good reason.
In total I will be away for eight weeks and when I get back I will have a revived out look on life.

My friends Carlo and Salmiah are also in Thailand and we are staying at the same place for the first three weeks of of my holiday.

There is a chance my friend Bhante Nanadhaja Bhikkhu may also come to Ban Krut.
Bhante is presently in Kuala Lumpur attending private matters on a quick trip from Sri Lanka. I hope he does come to the beach as I would be honored to have him be my preceptor.

Last year in Wat SriBoonRuang in Fang,
in Northern Thailand,
Bhante helped me with my meditations and in this area he is an expert.

This morning I made enquiries at Wat Tang Sai if they would allow Bhante to stay awhile.

The Wat is nestled at the base of a small mountain on a bay, overlooking the ocean. It is paradise.
There is a major Temple of the same name, at the top of Mt Thongchai, overlooking the South China Sea looking towards Cambodia and Vietnam.

The head Monk, who speaks a little English, said Bhante would be welcome.

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