Saturday 26 October 2013

My question;

My question;

I watched Danny Devito being interviewed the other night and he was hilarious as always.

He told the joke about the Buddha who said to the hot dog vender;
"Make me one with everything"

Danny was talking about his religious beliefs and how he didn't follow any organized faith.

He said that he finds something wonderful in everything he does and does not need any external entity in control.

He believes he is one with everything, just like the Buddha and the hot dog man, so, as he loves himself and his life, he also loves everything.

I believe we can spend our lives searching for our lost selves, not being in touch with anything,
or we can spend this moment finding happiness in everything,
just like Danny Devito.

There is a choice, to search, or to find.
The amazing thing is that there is no search necessary, we only have to look in the right place, and we find what we are looking for.

The Buddha was right,
"I am one,
with everything."
No search, no path,
no way, just remove doubt and all becomes clear.

My friend Jonathan told me that if I wanted enlightenment all I had to do was:

"Go straight past the Door of Doubt,
Along the Corridor of Confusion,
Turn down the Hallway of Hope and look for the Revelation Room.
When you enter you may need a while to adjust.
Don't be put off by the darkness.
It's common to feel that you see nothing just before you realize that you see everything."

This, I believe, is when you become "one with everything" and become enlightened.

So to my question;
Are you still at the Door of Doubt?

Do you want enlightenment?


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