Thursday 11 July 2013

How do we feel?

How do we feel?

It is now a week since we have sat down and evaluated our lives according to the six most important areas of our life.

Some of us have discovered areas in our life that need correction.
A few have found nothing lacks in any area of their life, but only a few say this and this, in itself, 
is probably a lack of honesty with oneself.

This being said, just admitting that something is amiss, is all it takes to initiate change.

 Change starts when we decide to let go of those things that we perceive,  hold us back.

We notice that once we do let go, our behavior changes, all seems more relaxed, all seems clearer.

I ask myself the question,
"Why didn't I do this sooner"?
The answer is simple;
"What we don't see,
we don't accept."

We have no perception of our behavior and how it effects others.
Until behavior changes and how to modify our behavior, takes shape in our mind,
only then can we initiate change.

Once the decision is taken to change, 
then change happens.

With Metta

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