Wednesday 10 April 2013

To my dear friend Carlo;

To my dear friend Carlo;

You asked me to report on my recent trip to Vietnam, with a thought of maybe going there next year.

From the moment I got there, I found a cacophony in total madness of movement and sound, as if this is the last moment of life.

It is, as if there is so much to do and so little time to do whatever has to be done.

The Buddha said to treat every moment as our last, but this is extreme.

All in such a hurry to get somewhere.
It seems that everyone in the city,
the entire population,
is on the move at once,
all a blur of people,
color and noise.
In the city of Ho chi Min there are eight million people and there are some six million motor scooters and its a fight just to get across the street.
I had to half close my eyes and just walk.
The scooters go around,

Vietnam has other benefits apart from the crush.

There are the smiles from the loverly people,
the food, the shopping, bargaining.
The friendliest will try to get an extra cent or two from you.
It's endemic, it's the culture and we would not have it any other way.

The Buddha advised not to be attached to anything.
The Buddha hadn't seen Ratchavadee resort.
Still we shouldn't be attached.
So my advice is to go to Thailand in March not February next year and we will not be attached to the month.

Vietnam is great for a visit but for me, not for a stay.

Love you and look forward to seeing both in Thailand next year.


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