Wednesday 19 September 2012

Free will--

Free will--
On a street not far away lived a magnet and next door lived some iron filings.
One day a few of the iron filings decided to visit the magnet and they began to discuss what a pleasant thing this would be.
Other filings heard and became infected with the same desire. Others joined, until all the filings began to discuss the matter of the visit and the desire turned into an impulse.
" Why not go today?"
said one, but others thought that tomorrow would be better. Meanwhile without their noticing, they had been moving closer to the magnet.
The magnet lay there,
not noticing the filings.
So the filings went on discussing the visit and all the time moving closer and closer, without realising it.
The more they talked,
the stronger the impulse.
The more impatient ones declared, today is the day to go. Some even said it was their duty to go visit the magnet and they should have already left.
And while they talked, they moved closer, not even realising they were moving.
All of a sudden, in one unanimous mass, they were swept together and now were clinging on all sides of the magnet, held fast.
The magnet was pleased.
The iron filings had no doubt that the visit was of their own free will.
The filings were unconscious.
Unconscious, they didn't have free will.
Unconscious,they didn't have freedom.
They didn't even think,
didn't even ask, is this my will, or was this the Divine's will?

Some of us, believe we have our own will, we believe we have choice.
We believe we choose this life, this wife, our children.
Think about it again, do we really have choice?
Was it an accident, did we have a choice, or were we a victim of an impulse .
Whatever happens in our lives, happens more or less by accident, or by choice?
We laugh at the iron filings,
this is our situation,
humanities situation.
We can however rise out of our unconsciousness,
then we have free will.
In unconsciousness the ego exists, and there is no free will.
There is no point in asking about our will or if it is the will of the Divine.
I believe there is no distinction between ourselves and the Divine.
I believe we are the Divine.
The whole problem is simple.
Are we conscious or not.
When we are unconscious we have no will, we only dream of free will.
When we are conscious our will comes into play with everything we say, think and do.
We become the magnet and attract all things.


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